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Content Writing for IT

Learn how to write high-quality content for software companies to get a job as a writer and bring your company fresh marketing leads.

This course is run via video lectures.

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About the Course

In 2021, almost every company in the software development industry writes and publishes content on its website. Not every company, however, gets the result they are looking for – marketing leads. The thing is, turning a website into a machine that attracts potential customers is a long and complex process. It requires a compelling value proposition, strong search engine optimization (SEO) skills, the ability to design conversion landing pages, fine-tuned content operations, talented people, and a sizable marketing budget.

But there is one factor that influences lead generation more than any other: the quality of the content.

This course teaches you how to create high-quality content. Great content. Content that people want to read. Content that people are willing to pay for. Because content is what brings sweet rewards in marketing.

This course isn't just a boring set of lectures. We made it to be fun, interactive, and practical. You will immediately begin to apply knowledge in practice. You will learn what makes content interesting and engaging, how to master your flow, how to write compelling headlines, introductions, conclusions, and everything in between, how to improve your content's positions in Google search, how to encourage readers to take action, and how to write your first in-depth article. You will receive detailed editor's feedback for every practical task you do to know what to improve and how. After 12 weeks, you will have a skill base and an understanding in which direction to grow further.

All from Kaiiax co-founder and the author of the book for writers "From Reads To Leads"

  • Co-founder and Content Director of the most effective content marketing & SEO agency in Ukraine
  • 8+ years in IT and content marketing
  • Coached dozens of content writers and managed several marketing teams
  • Built successful content-driven B2B lead generation strategies and achieved outstanding results in the highly competitive software development industry
  • Wrote and published a book for content writers called "From Reads To Leads"
  • Runs her own YouTube channel, blog, and a page on Instagram – all devoted to writing and marketing
  • Started her career as a content writer at Yalantis, a software development company that pioneered content marketing in IT in our country.

Program of the Course

Track 1. Your role as a content writer

Companies need content writers to develop leads. Learn how to work your way through.

Track 2. The first draft of anything is sh*t

Learn how to write well. Includes the following modules:

  • LEAD: You have 3 seconds to grab your reader's attention – how to write the lead
  • FLOW: So it goes. Master flow and cohesion to make sure your writing makes sense
  • CLARITY: The rules of clarity and how to follow them
  • STATISTICS: Learn how to make numbers and statistics in your content meaningful
  • ORIGINALITY: Power, emotion, and originality for writing memorable prose
  • READABILITY: Know what makes content simple to read and easy to consume
  • CONCLUSIONS: Finish with a punch – secrets of effective conclusions
  • CONSISTENCY: Style, tone, and consistency – introduction to a style guide
  • INCLUSIVE CONTENT: Write inclusive content – know what words are OK and not OK to use
Track 3. Content must bring results

Learn how to make your readers take action. Includes the following modules:

  • ACTION: Why people act – ratio and 'emotio' in people's brains
  • JOURNEY: Readers travel – where their journey starts and where it should end
  • SEO: Meet SEO requirements in your content
  • CREDIBILITY: Writing techniques to build credibility and earn trust
  • KEY MESSAGE: How to communicate a key message that sparks the Aha moment
  • HEADLINE: It's all in the title – how to write the headline
Track 4. Writing is a muscle

Specifically designed to help you speed up your writing and make you more disciplined. Includes the following modules:

  • OUTLINE: Start with an outline and kill your procrastination
  • MIND-MAPPING: Use mind-mapping for content creation
  • STRUCTURES: Types of blog posts and their drag-and-drop structures
  • INTERVIEW: Work with others – know how to ask good questions
Track 5. Write for an audience

The nitty-gritty part of marketing – the target audience. Learn how to figure out what your reader really wants.

  • VOICE OF CUSTOMER: Know your product and your audience – where to go and what to look for
  • SEARCH INTENT: Understand search intent – and learn how to juggle with keywords
  • JOBS TO BE DONE: Define jobs-to-be-done to turn your content into a solution
  • READER PERSONALITY: Learn how to talk to different types of readers properly
Track 6. Claim your spot as a writer

Accept your current writing level and claim your spot as a writer in the software development world. Basically, this is a summary of what you've learned and how to live with it.

Who this course is for

This course is designed for people who want to understand how to write high-quality content for technology businesses and apply this knowledge in their work. In other words, the following individuals:

Target Leaners


Aspiring writers looking to start a career in content writing

  • Advanced knowledge of English
  • Ability to deal with criticism

Content writers who work for IT outsourcing companies and startups

  • Desire to focus on quality in content
  • Motivation to grow as a content writer

IT outsourcing companies and startups looking to improve the quality of their content and train their in-house writers

  • You agree that great content is an important business asset (we need you to be on the same page with our values)

After this course

Good writing skills

You know what makes writing great, and how to write content that keeps people glued to their screens.

Results from content

You know what to do to make your writing work and can play with these methods in your content.

Professional growth

You know what you're really good at, and what you still need to work on to grow in your profession.

How much does it cost?


one-time payment


monthly payment

The price includes:
  • 12 weeks of lectures
  • Kaiiax School private community
  • Live weekly talks
  • Access to video recordings of all lectures

How to join

We only have 20 sits in this season, so do decide quickly. Here is how to join:
  • Leave us your email here
  • We will contact you shortly to schedule an online interview
  • If we see that you can really benefit from this course, we will accept your application
  • Get your ticket and wait for the course to start
  • We're happy to see you on board!
Have questions? Contact us at hello@kaiiax.com 

Course schedule

The date of this course is to be defined.

You'll have 2 lectures per week (every Tuesday and Thursday) and a ton of homework. The lectures start at 6:30pm and finish at 8pm.

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